Our philosophy:

tradition, innovation, and respect for the environment

Alongside our traditional vines such as Garganega and Durella, we are cultivating innovative resistant vines that allow us to reduce phytosanitary treatments by 80 percent.

At the time of harvest, the grapes are carefully selected and hand-picked in order to best preserve their characteristics.

To maintain the integrity of the bunches, they are delicately placed on special boxes for the transport to the estate.

Innovative vines alongside native vines

Strong vineyards of nature

Resistant vines are vine varieties that show a particularly high resistance to fungal diseases. They were developed with the aim of combining the resistance of American vines with the oenological qualities of European varieties.

Unique soils that give a strong character to our wines.

Selva di Montebello, together with Gambellara, is characterized by unique soils.

Geologically it is an area of ​​volcanic origin, with basaltic soils, mostly in the form of earthy and brittle tuffs , particularly favorable to the cultivation of the vine for their natural fertility and the high mineral content, which are responsible for the extraordinary accents of the wine.

For more than a millennium the vine has been cultivated in our areas. This is confirmed by the discovery in Montebello Vicentino of the remains of a Roman villa from the 1st or 2nd century with vines and abundant grape seeds.

Strategic Geographic Position

On the border between Vicenza and Verona, halfway between Lake Garda and Venice. A unique climate, perfect for growing vineyards.

Selva di Montebello, in addition to being in an extremely convenient position to reach, offers a suggestive landscape and totally devoted to the cultivation of the vine.