Winemakers since five generations

The story of a family, a territory, a way of life

Our family has been cultivating vines for two centuries, passing this passion down from generation to generation.

Tenuta Tarcisio Maule was born in 2019, a project that aims to pay homage to work of our predecessors and give value to the wonderful land of Selva di Montebello.

From passion to profession

In our winery, tradition meets innovation.

Alongside historical techniques, such as drying on the Picai of Garganega, we enhance the organoleptic qualities of our grapes through cutting-edge processes, such as cryomaceration.

Our goal is to create wines with less sulphites content and that, at the same time, best describe our terroir.

Unique soils that give a strong character to our wines.

Selva di Montebello, together with Gambellara, is characterized by unique soils.

Geologically it is an area of ​​volcanic origin, with basaltic soils, mostly in the form of earthy and brittle tuffs , particularly favorable to the cultivation of the vine for their natural fertility and the high mineral content, which are responsible for the extraordinary accents of the wine.

For more than a millennium the vine has been cultivated in our areas. This is confirmed by the discovery in Montebello Vicentino of the remains of a Roman villa from the 1st or 2nd century with vines and abundant grape seeds.